Hillside Fest and into MI

This past weekend we made our annual pilgrimage to the Hillside Music Festival near Guelph, ON. Hot weather, cool friends and fam, and tons of awesome music and food. Discovered some sweet new bands this year like Anemone, Five Alarm Funk, Helena Deland, Messthetics, and Crown Lands. Also discovered killer new food combinations like schnitzel and kimchi (together at last!).

Drinkin beer is in tents.


“Pizza is cool.” – Pizzeria Martina (RIP)


Pro tip: when the lake is too murky to swim, soak your head and t-shirt under the municipal water tap.


The majestic sunset over Guelph Lake gave us hope that we would not die from heat exhaustion.


This morning we packed up our gear and made our way west for the first border crossing of the trip. Looking forward to seeing some old friends from Wendy’s days at Western Michigan University and making our first visit to the Upper Peninsula.

The view from the bridge from Sarnia, ON to Port Huron, MI makes the border wait a little more tolerable.

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