Ontario, but the part you don’t see that often

After crossing into Sault Ste-Marie (ON) from Sault Ste-Marie (MI) on Friday July 20, we made our way along the Trans-Canada to Lake Superior Provincial Park. We stayed at Rabbit Blanket Lake, where we did some moderate intensity hiking in the afternoon but dealt with high intensity mosquitos in the evening.

On Saturday July 21st, we made it to Rainbow Falls Provincial Park, where we camped within a few feet of Lake Superior. We had to wait through the rain to set up camp, but ended up being treated to a pretty decent sunset.

Superior Lake Superior sunset.

The next morning, we hiked up to see Rainbow Falls itself.

Rainbow Falls

Next was a quick stop at Ouimet Canyon. (Yep, turns out Ontario has a canyon.) The base reportedly stays sufficiently cool and shaded year-round such that its flora more closely resembles that of the arctic.

Ouimet Canyon. Not bad for a canyon in Ontario.

On Sunday we camped at Kakabeka Falls, just west of Thunder Bay. The literature informed us that this was an old portage route for voyageurs, with use by Europeans dating back to 1688. They would have learned of this route from the local indigenous people. These days a lot of the water is diverted to an adjacent hydro-electric generating station, so the falls aren’t quite as intense as they used to be. The painting on the left below illustrates the former additional awesomeness of these falls.

The literature also informed us that it is the 125th anniversary of Ontario Parks.

Wendy loves Ontario Parks. hashtag OP125

Our last stop in Ontario was Aaron Provincial Park on Thunder Lake on Monday July 22. Great swimming at a sandy beach and we lucked out with a great campsite adjacent to the lake.


Yesterday marked our first inter-provincial border crossing.


Westwards and onwards!


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