Saskatchewan – Sand in the Regina

On Sunday July 29 we drove to Regina. We did not have much time there, but made it down to Wascana Lake for a stroll near the provincial legislature, and discovered a protest camp set up by local indigenous groups.

Regina has pelicans.




On Monday we decided to make the trip to the Great Sandhills of Saskatchewan. Dan’s parents provided us with a 1994 Canada Reader’s Digest guidebook that made this place seem pretty sweet, so we decided it was worth the effort. First we stopped at the Great Sandhills Museum and Interpretive Centre in Sceptre, SK, which included life-sized dioramas of early prairie life.


“Help me.”
Get yo hair did.

Next we made the 20+ km dirt road drive to the sand hills. These dunes were less encompassing than those we saw in Michigan, but they were practically devoid of people. The wind left waves in the fine sand, though there were the occasional cattle tracks.

We also bought a crazy carpet to slide down the sand dunes.

Sand carpeting is less fast than snow carpeting.

A common sight from our driving over the past couple days – plenty of old grain elevators near the old CP rail lines.



One thought on “Saskatchewan – Sand in the Regina

  1. Adventure of a lifetime! What a wonderful variety of scenery – truly spectacular nature so far. Glad to see that the weather appears to have been kind to you both and fingers crossed, it will continue to be fabulous. Thanks for doing this blog. Great to live your adventures with you. Lots of love from us all. xxxx


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