Drumheller and Calgary

On July 31 we left Leader, SK and drove west into Alberta along highway 570. After a couple hours through the prairies, it was quite a shock when we suddenly dropped down into the valley leading to Drumheller. Grassy plains gave way to rocky badlands and layers of sediment. Plus, tons of colourful dinosaur statues.


Badass badlands.

In Drumheller we stayed with Wendy’s family friend Karen Sallows at her parents’ place. She was an excellent tour guide, showing us the local spots like the Last Chance Saloon and the (currently ant-less) “Ant Highway” in the almost-abandoned settlement of Dorothy. We also checked out the Royal Tyrrell Museum and saw tons of dinosaur fossils, among other pre-historic plants and animals.

Saddle stools at the Last Chance Saloon.
The Ant Highway of Dorothy was vacant on this scorching hot day.


On Thursday August 2 we drove into Calgary, where we have been staying with Dan’s cousin Cameron.


Despite the daily hail storms, we made it out to the National Music Centre, which is an awesome new museum with tons of instruments you can try out.

We stopped into the Wild Rose brewery Friday night and were treated to a free BBQ and cheap pints for “customer appreciation night”. On Saturday we stumbled into a street festival in Inglewood and then dropped into High Line Brewing, Banded Peak Brewery, and the aptly named Dandy Brewing Company. Calgary’s beer scene seems to have somewhat exploded in the past few years.

Someone stole our trademark.


4 thoughts on “Drumheller and Calgary

  1. I am also jealous of the dinos! Also, since the Dandy Beer name is taken, Nick and I would be willing to sell you the rights to Julick Ale. I think it’s a winner.


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