World Famous Alaska Highway

We started our drive on the “World Famous Alaska Highway” on Saturday August 11.

James Van Der Beek likes this.

Before starting the trip, we had the impression the highway would be barren, with few other drivers and few towns offering more than a crumbling welcome sign. One Canadian border guard we spoke to warned us we’d see “more bears than people”. Turns out there are plenty of travellers, towns with gas and a restaurant at least every 100km, and we’ve only seen five bears.

First stop on the highway was at Charlie Lake Provincial Park near Fort St. John. We were greeted by dozens of wasps both here and at our next stop in Fort Nelson. We are currently blaming aphids, which we learned are tiny insects that feed on the sugars from tree leaves (especially linden trees), leaving a sweet sticky residue, which seems to attract a ton of wasps.

Cool lookin’ mushroom near Charlie Lake, BC.

On Monday we camped at Muncho Lake, a gorgeous glacial lake mid-way between Fort Nelson and Watson Lake. The skies were threatening a storm, so we went for a couple short walks and had a close encounter with a stone sheep.

Not far from Muncho, we stopped at the Liard Hot Springs. A mere $5 gets you full-day access to a very hot natural pool. It was picturesque, relaxing, and reeked of sulphur. Lucky for us, campfire is a stronger smell.

Liard Hot Springs

On the drive to Watson Lake on Tuesday, a sign warned us of “Bison on highway – Muncho Lake to Yukon”. We were skeptical, but were then greeted by two herds.

Windy Wendy Welcomes You to the Yukon.

When we arrived in Watson Lake, we visited the Sign Post Forest, which has 10,000 signs from visitors from the past seven decades. It was started by an American soldier working on the construction of the Alaska Highway in 1942, who posted a sign pointing to his hometown of Danville, Illinois. We left what we could, which was a leftover Dandy keychain.

Today we arrived in Whitehorse, kilometer 1426 of the Alaska Highway. Looking forward to a few nights of sleeping indoors.


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