Whitehorse, YT – Exploring New Territory

We arrived in Whitehorse on Wednesday August 15. Despite its latitude, the city is well stocked with all your favourite conveniences. You can grab groceries at Real Canadian Superstore at typical Canadian prices, pick up an air mattress patch at Canadian Tire, and browse the vinyl and used CDs at the local record store (which will soon double as the local weed store).

In preparation for a multi-day outing we have planned for Haida Gwaii, we spent Thursday morning kayaking on the Yukon River. The blue waters flow north at a quick pace, which allowed us to paddle 24km without too much trouble.

That afternoon we dropped into the Yukon Brewing Company for a tour and a couple flights. Their classic lineup of beers (gold ale, red ale, brown ale, espresso stout, etc.) was complemented by some great seasonals (lemon lavender radler, juicy IPA, elderflower gose). Also, turns out they started distilling a few years ago and are making some damn good, but damn expensive whiskey.


We then wandered the Whitehorse Farmer’s market. Despite the short growing season, the market was well stocked with leafy greens, root veggies, and some hot(ish) peppers we tossed into our dinners.

On Friday we visited the Beringia Museum. Beringia refers to the landmass between Alaska and Russia that is now mostly covered by the Bering sea. The area was home to awesome ice age animals such as the giant beaver, Jefferson’s ground sloth, giant short-faced bear, and woolly mammoth. The first inhabitants of North America would have arrived via Beringia, though there are apparently debates within the archaeology community whether this was 14,000 years ago or about 25,000 years ago.

This DC-3 served in WWII, then served as a passenger aircraft throughout the Yukon, and now serves as a giant weather vane.

On our last night in Whitehorse we were treated to a small aurora borealis. We were lucky to spot it, as it has been overcast since moving further north. On Saturday we camped at Moose Creek and went for a walk through the nearby mossy forest.

Mossy forest near Moose Creek, YT.


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