Glacial Camping in Juneau

We rode the ferry from Skagway to Juneau on Sunday August 26. The catamaran moves quickly and it’s easy to pass the time watching the glacier-topped mountains.

Biker-dog is ready for ferry time.

We arrived in Juneau a little late, so we grabbed some groceries, set up camp, and then conquered our fear of frying fish in the dark in bear-infested woods. It wasn’t until morning that we could appreciate the picturesque moss-covered rainforest around us.

It was rainy and cold for most of our time in Juneau. We caught a quick glimpse of the Mendenhall Glacier near our campsite on the Sunday evening, but then didn’t see it again until Tuesday evening, and it wasn’t until Wednesday morning that we saw the top of the adjacent mountain.

Monday evening.
Tuesday evening.
Wednesday morning.

Taking advantage of the sunshine Wednesday morning, we walked the trail to Nugget Falls, visible just above the tree line in the above photo.


To fight off the cold, we ate plenty of hot seafood in Juneau – fish tacos, crab bisque, crab cakes, and fish & chips. The crab shacks here are well-prepared for the weather, providing tents and heat lamps.

We also stopped in at the Devil’s Club brewery and Alaskan Brewing Co, the latter with the unbeatable growler fill price of $9.



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