Things to do on Ferries for 50 Hours

Since leaving Juneau, we have spent a total of 50 hours on ferries. Here are the top ten ways to pass the time on a ferry.

  1. Sleep on a bunk bed
  2. Sleep on a floor
  3. Watch the movie Geostorm and the second half of Princess Bride
  4. Finish reading novels
  5. Eat a personal pizza
  6. Visit the gift shop and be disappointed with the lack of postcards
  7. Watch whales
  8. Watch seniors watch birds
  9. “Take the air on the boat deck”
  10. Eat chips and salsa and drink beer in a berth with harsh fluorescent lighting


We finished our trip to Haida Gwaii (and had an excellent time) and are back on the mainland, but will need to get our disposable waterproof camera’s film developed before we can post pictures.

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