Eugene and the Environs

Starting on Friday September 21, we spent three days in Eugene, OR with Dan’s family friend Keith and his partner Kathy. On our first night there, Kathy surprised us with a delicious cake for Dan’s birthday (despite our visit being three weeks after the fact). Each day we spent time outdoors, checking out a few of the many hiking trails around the city and visiting the weekend farmer’s/artisan’s market in the city centre.

Eugene has an incredible amount of green space in and around the city.
Go (Oregon) Ducks!

Since Eugene is a college town with a reputation tending towards the hippy persuasion, we decided to check out some live music Saturday night. For the first time in our lives, we were blocked from entering the venue because the bouncer would not accept our Canadian driver’s licenses as valid ID. We drowned our sorrows at a nearby dive bar.

After leaving Eugene, we made our way south to Crater Lake. This lake sits at high elevation inside a volcano whose summit collapsed inwards about 7700 years ago.

Wizard Island, a volcano within a volcano, sits inside Crater Lake.

We learned that the lake is the deepest in the United States (yes, it is deeper than all of the great lakes), and maintains its volume of water solely from precipitation (the crest of the crater gets an average of 43 feet of snow per year). The lake was originally absent of any marine life but some dudes decided to stock it with trout in the 1800s and it seems the fish have sustained themselves.

Jean LeCastor visits Crater Lake.
View from Garfield Peak, one of peaks on the crest of the crater.
“Fossilized steam” columns near Crater Lake. Steam vents during an eruption would carry minerals upwards. As the soil/clay erodes, the hardened columns from the steam vents remain.



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