Big Trees and Salty Seas

On Thursday September 27 we drove into the northern section of the Redwood National Forest, camping at the Jedediah Smith state park. We had seen some redwoods in Muir Woods near San Francisco in previous years, but the ones we saw here set a new standard.


Making our way to our next campsite, we drove the Avenue of the Giants, which parallels highway 101 but meanders through more gigantic trees. We camped for two nights at Standish-Hickey state park. We reserved this site a few weeks ago due to the appeal of the adjacent swimming hole, but the weather turned cold and rainy not long after our arrival.

The swimming hole at Standish-Hickey drew us in, but the chilly (and then rainy) weather kept us out of the water.

We passed the rainy Saturday by driving through a tree that’s older than Jesus, then driving the Pacific Coast Highway down to Fort Bragg, catching a movie, and visiting the North Coast Brewery (makers of Old Rasputin Imperial Stout). Dan swears he had no idea there was a somewhat famous brewery in the town.

On Sunday, we left Standish-Hickey, repeated our drive to Fort Bragg, checked out its Glass Beach, and then continued down Highway 1 to Sonoma County. We shared the driving so one of us could appreciate the coastal views while the other focused on the winding (and guardrail-lacking) highway.

Glass Beach at Fort Bragg features some green, red, and white glassy pebbles. We may have strategically placed extra ones in the frame for this shot.
Lighthouse at Point Arena.
Looking south from Point Arena.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 6.51.05 PM

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