Ban “San Fran”

Apparently it is frowned upon to say “San Fran”. Acceptable descriptors include “San Francisco”, “SF”, or “the city”, though the latter seems a little self-important, no?

Guess which bridge!

On this visit to San Francisco, we did not stop at many tourist destinations. We were lucky enough to have some friends who live there, and other friends who were visiting at the same time, so we capitalized on the opportunity to catch up with everyone.

As a city, San Francisco is unreasonably expensive, so we stayed at a motel in South San Francisco where we had the privilege of parking within eyesight of our room, but close enough to the Bay Area Rapid Transit train into downtown.

On Thursday October 4th, we ventured south of the bay area to visit Salinas, birthplace of John Steinbeck and home of the National Steinbeck Centre. We had lunch in the restaurant at his childhood home, and then spent the afternoon at the museum, covering his prolific career and delving into the details of his most famous works.


That night we ventured to the East Bay where we had a great dinner with Dan’s family friend Meghan and her partner Adam. The 1h20min drive back to our motel after dinner lent an additional appreciation of the grandeur of the bay area sprawl.

Over the weekend in San Francisco, we had some excellent meals, beers, wines, and whiskeys with our friends Ian, Matt, and Dale. The city has no shortage of good restaurants and breweries. On Saturday afternoon we saw Young Frankenstein for the first time at the historic Castro movie theatre. We loved the film, and it turns out Gene Wilder’s career extended beyond Willy Wonka, though his maniacal shrieks were familiar.

We missed the sing-along, so settled for Young Frankenstein.

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